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Science Labs in Cavan

On November 10th 5th and 6th classes went to Cavan Library to do experiments for Science Week. Belturbet N.S were there too. We were split into groups of eight. We learned about

olcanoes, caves, meteorites, earthquakes and fossils. The best two experiments were about earthquakes and volcanoes.
A man showed us how earthquakes happen. He tied weights onto a party popper. We had to guess how many weights would make the popper pop! It was very exciting.

Another man told us all about volcanoes. He has built a huge volcano with wire and papiere maché. We pup some bread soda, food colouring and washing-up liquid in a small bottle. Then we placed the bottle in the vent of the volcano, added some vinegar and the volcano ‘erupted’. I was really good but very messy.

We really enjoyed doing the experiments and it was a great trip.

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By Liana and Alex in 5th and 6th.


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