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General Information

At present we have 260 students and a teaching staff of 21 which includes eighteen classroom teachers and four Learning Support teachers. There are three pairs of Job Sharing teachers in the school.

Our four Special Needs Assistants help children with special needs to integrate into the mainstream classes. We also have a Youth Worker under the School Completion programme who works on a part-time basis in the school.

  • School Roll Number: 20277i
  • School Hours: 9-20a.m. – 3.00p.m. 1st Class to Sixth Class
  • School Hours: 9-20a.m. – 2.00p.m. Junior and Senior Infants
  • Morning Break: 11.00a.m. – 11-10a.m
  • Lunch Break: 12-30p.m. – 1-00p.m

We strives to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure atmosphere where the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of the pupils are identified and addressed.

We will endeavour to enhance the self-esteem of everyone in the school community, to imbue in the pupils respect for people and property and to encourage in them the idea of being responsible.

We will encourage involvement of parents through home/school contacts. Our Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator can be contacted through the school or alternatively through the email address [email protected]

Involvement is also encouraged through contact with St. Michael’s N.S. Parents Association and the numerous parent courses that are organised in the school.

We will promote gender equality amongst the teachers and pupils.

We will strive to promote, both individually and collectively, the professional and personal development of teachers through staff development programmes.

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