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St. Michael’s community has worked hard over a number of years and recently secured our fourth Green Flag! It’s all about Transport. Everyone worked hard to achieve our Green flags but especially our Green School’s Committee, and Ms. Argue. As well as working on our Transport flag we are also trying not to forget to look after our litter, keep those lights and switches turned off when not in use, and to monitor our water usage. We have Energy squads and Litter Wardens who work hard to keep us all on track looking after our school environment. 

We are currently working towards our fifth green flag, Biodiversity. Biodiversity looks at steps which can be taken in schools to increase awareness of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats, and to increase species-richness in a locality. Our Green Schools Committee are working tirelessly to raise awareness of Biodiversity and promote a good culture of caring for the wildlife in our school grounds. 



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