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South African Teachers in St. Michael’s.

South African Teachers in St. Michael’s.

On Tuesday morning January 20th St. Michael’s was thrilled to welcome two South African teachers, Reece and Robyn Carsons, to the school. Reece’s class in Capetown is linked to 4th and 5th class for the past year and a half. The link was organised by John Freeman through a group called Amawele, and both Emma from Amawele and John also visited that morning. Having strolled through a Guard of Honour from Junior Infants and 4th and 5th classes, the visitors were welcome into the Assembly Hall to the strains of some Irish music played on tin whistle by James, Courtney and Ms. Busby. First Class then entertained the visitors with a dance to a song from ‘The Lion King’. Reece and Robyn told the school a little bit about South Africa before heading to the 4th and 5th classroom to complete a workshop with the pupils there. The visitors stayed with us until mid afternoon before returning to Dublin.

Emma from Amawele will be back to see us again in late February to organise another skype call with Reece and his class. These calls occur about twice a term. The school in Capetown is quite poor so the 4th and 5th class pupils organised a sponsored silence to be able to give something to Reece on his return home. Approximately €40 was raised and the school added a little bit to that too. It was a wonderful morning enjoyed by all.

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